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Becki's rambled thoughts

30 November
I'm an English girl who moved to Swansea and haven't looked back since :D
i'm a mum to my gorgeous baby girl Ella
I'm into (when i get the time) music, reading, writing (though you wouldn't think so from the lack of puntuation and grammar in my journal) going out (thou i don't get to nowadays)
I love being a mum and often waffle on about my little girl
my journal is full of baby nattering and generally whinge, moan and complaining.
My sister escaped_buxton also has a LJ..
I've changed my LJ name recently due to my life changing so much but previously i had a LJ for about four years (dissolved_girl)
Why called Beckwah?... i couldn't think of a lj name and a friend of mine calls me Beckwah and said call it that lol so rather than wrack my brains i thought why not :P

My journal is now friends only... so if you want to read all my mundane thoughts just ask me to add you :)

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